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Appendix: Awards Desk Manual

What to Know
Contracts and Grants Budgetary Pools

B02000 Salaries
B03000 Supplies and Expenses
B04000 Inventorial Equipment
B06000 Fringe Benefits
CG3500 Travel-Domestic
CG3A00 Travel-Foreign
CG3C00 Subcontracts
CG3P00 Participant Support
CG3Y00 Indirect Costs (Overhead)
CG6000 Tuition and Fees

Examples of Documentation

The type of transfer will determine the specific documentation required. The following are examples of the kinds of documentation that may be needed to support a non-payroll transaction.

  • Invoices.
  • Requisitions or Purchase Orders (P.O.).
  • Travel Expense Vouchers.
  • E-mail or letter demonstrating written prior approval from the funding agency.
  • Fully executed consultant agreement or subaward.
  • E-mail of memo indicating authorization from the Principal Investigator.
  • References adequate enough to enable online inquiry to any relevant transactions or journals, including earlier transfers.
  • Logs or records justifying redistribution of high volume/low value costs.
Extramural Fund Ranges

18000 to 18199
20501 to 20599
Special State Appropriations
18200 to 18999
20600 to 20939
State of California Agreements
20950 to 20999 Local Government contracts
21000 to 24997 Federal Government grants
25000 to 26999 Federal Government contracts
57000 to 57999
62000 to 62999
Private grants
58000 to 58999 Interest-bearing private contracts or grants
59000 to 59999 Private contracts

Inventorial Account Codes

Account codes Description Commodity Block Line Item Text:
006130 Lease greater than $100K - non-computer (usually a capital lease). See below. INVEQUIP clause
006150 Lease greater than $100K - computer equip. (usually a capital lease). See below INVEQUIP clause
007000 Accessories (components) to inventorial equipment purchased on another PO. Property Number of accessorized item
007010 Inventorial equipment excluding computer and furniture (Will be assigned Property Number and tagged). All inventorial data in INVEQUIP clause
007020 Computer equipment - inventorial (Will be assigned Property Number and tagged). All inventorial data in INVEQUIP clause
007040 Furniture - inventorial - must be greater than $1,500 (excludes system furn). (Will be assigned Property Number and tagged). All inventorial data in INVEQUIP clause
007050 Items used in the fabrication by UC employees of inventorial equipment that UC will use - title will vest with UC or government. Fabrication EIMR number
007080 Transfers of inventorial equipment between university departments. n/a
007090 Installment purchase of inventorial equipment See “ Leases” below. All inventorial data in INVEQUIP clause
007110 Initial complement of supplies/components (all items on same PO as inventorial equipment that are needed to put it into service). Line item number on PO to add value to
007130 Trade-in of used equipment (all items on PO affected by trade-in, including freight & tax) IMPORTANT: See “Trade-in” on reverse. “Trade-in PN 95-70-00999. Amt.: $999”
009530 Inventorial plant equipment (including initial complement of supplies)
- Use with org codes 97xxx only
All inventorial data in INVEQUIP clause
009535 Accessories (components) to inventorial plant equipment
- Use with org codes 97xxx only
Property Number of accessorized item

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