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Appendix: Allowable Payroll Expenses

What to Know
Allowable Payroll Expenses

Important information to know.

Faculty and Professional Research Salaries, Wages, and Benefits. Usually directly charged to an instruction (40XXXX) or research (44XXXX - 59XXXX) organization code.

    • These expenses must meet all of the following criteria:
      • Permitted under the terms of the sponsored award
      • Correspond to the level of effort expended on the project
      • Documented in the University effort reporting system (PARS)
      • Benefit costs must be incurred in conformity with established University policies
    • Those salary and benefit expenses related to general departmental or college activity support, such as the Dean's Office expenses, are considered indirect and may not be charged directly to a sponsored award.

Administrative & Clerical Salaries, Wages, and Benefits.

    • These expenses usually may not be directly charged to a sponsored award.
    • These expenses may be charged directly to a sponsored award only under one of the following circumstances:
      • The sponsored award explicitly budgets for these expenses and each individual involved can be specifically identified with the project.
      • TheĀ amount of academic department or division administrative or clerical support is significantly greater than the routine level of services usually provided.
        • Satisfactory justification for directly charging these expenses must be provided to the awarding agency.

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