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Procurement Services Newsletter: September 2014

Director's Message

Welcome to the Procurement Services Newsletter!

We are pleased to announce the launch of this newsletter focused on providing the UC Santa Cruz community with news and information about the people, systems and processes related to campus procurement.

September is a busy and exciting month for UC Santa Cruz Procurement Services as we re-engage with many of our academic division partners. During the summer, we said goodbye to long-time procurement team members Lynn Kirkpatrick and Kate Cunningham and wished them good-luck during their post-retirement adventures. Lynn and Kate were alike in that their work for the University exemplified excellence and stewardship every single day.

The departure of staff provided an opportunity for Procurement Services to make several operational adjustments to better leverage our team’s deep procurement experience and maximize UCSC’s contribution to the systemwide P200 objective of redirecting $200 million annually to the university’s core mission. Procurement Services simplified the framework for assigning requisitions so that every buyer is eligible to support campus transactions under the bid threshold of $100K. CruzBuy folders separating buyers into divisional assignments have been simplified into two general categories (goods/non-goods) so that every buyer is eligible to work with every campus division. The new operational model also equips each buyer with the full complement of UC procurement technology and sourcing tools to conduct expedited bids and reverse auctions. The revised e-procurement system folders are now active so campus divisions will immediately notice an increased number of procurement department step approvers in CruzBuy.

Sarah Latham and Yelcka Huaynalaya
In response to requests for a simpler point of entry for procurement questions, we also expanded the role of our help-desk and training coordinator to provide a single point of first-line support. Procurement Services’ e-procurement help desk and training lead, Yelcka Huaynalaya, was featured, along with other Procurement staff, in Vice Chancellor Sarah Latham’s blog post about her recent visit to Procurement Services.

UC Santa Cruz has always been an institution willing to experiment and operate outside norms. True to that culture, Procurement Services will continue to look for ways to reinvent procurement roles, tweak processes and otherwise challenge convention to improve service delivery and engagement with our campus clients and UC procurement colleagues.

If you have any questions or suggestions for information that we should include in future newsletter editions, please email to let us know!

John Bono
Director, UC Santa Cruz Procurement Services

P200 Strategic Procurement - The Latest Word From UCOP

Program Sponsor’s P200 Update - July 2014
Bill Cooper
Earlier this week, I had the distinct honor to present the P200 Program Strategic Plan to the UC Board of Regents, highlighting the tremendous strides we have made in the past 15 months and outlining our plans to achieve $200 million in annual benefit. Most notably, this also provided an opportunity to formally announce our year-end financial results of $128 million in annual benefit, exceeding our target by $8 million. As the Program’s first official reporting year, this achievement marks a major milestone which speaks volumes about the progress we have made and further validates our vision and program strategies.

When we updated the Board last year, we were unable to correctly and confidently articulate our spend, contributions, and opportunities. Today, our analytics capabilities provide us with a clear picture of categorized spend locally and across the system along with key insights into our purchasing patterns and supplier base. We also have a diligent and common methodology to measure and track the “benefit” we generate through our procurement activities. Combined with the strategic sourcing opportunity pipelines developed through the Centers of Excellence, we have developed a sound and proven roadmap to inform our priorities and have implemented the tools we need to execute.

What further underlies our success is the culture of collaboration and partnership that the P200 program has fostered across and within our system-wide procurement organization. We could not have achieved these results without the shared vision and commitment of the Procurement Leadership Council and the cross-campus partnerships and networks we have seen develop over the course of the program. Our Centers of Excellence (COEs), Single Point of Contacts (SPOCs), and Campus Primary Representatives (CPRs) teams have modeled new and collaborative ways of working to design common solutions and help champion and implement the changes we need to realize our goals. Working as “One UC Procurement” will be critical to our future success.

As we look ahead to the coming year, I am excited by the opportunities we have ahead and confident in our ability to meet our goals based on the results we have already delivered. With much of the operating infrastructure in place and opportunities more clearly defined, we can shift focus to optimizing our processes and developing our teams to ensure significant and sustainable growth.

Bill Cooper
Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

Expedited Mail and Small Ground Freight - United Parcel Service

Get Strategic With Your Shipping
UPS Delivery Truck

We are pleased to announce that UC has selected United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) as its Primary Supplier for Expedited Mail and Small Ground Freight. UPS will become the Primary Supplier for all Expedited Mail and Small Ground Freight except for certain Hazardous Class substances, and shipments to select international destinations not served by UPS. The 5-year agreement with UPS offers an average 25% cost reduction on standard services and fees. The system will work with UPS to create a program focused on efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction while providing excellent service to UC locations.

In order to meet the complete shipping needs of the University, the following additional contracts will be awarded:
  • Federal Express (FedEx) will remain the University of California Supplier for the following classifications of Expedited Mail and Small Ground Freight: Hazardous Class 6.2 Infectious Substances Affecting Animals (UN2900) and Class 6.2 Infectious Substances affecting Humans (UN2814) and other University of California Systemwide Domestic/International Inbound/Outbound Hazardous and Dangerous Materiel Handling.
  • DHL International will be awarded an agreement for countries that UPS does not serve. A list of those locations will be forwarded to you shortly as well as the announcement regarding the UC-DHL Agreement when it is finalized.

UPS is currently working on the transition with key UCSC departments under the leadership of UPS Project Manager Rick Aylard. Please contact Rick or UCSC Mail Services Director Robert Kemp if you would like UPS or Mail Services to evaluate your unit’s business needs and match the requirements to the best suited UPS program, technology and tools.
  • Rick Aylard
    UPS Enterprise Accounts
    TEL: 408-666-5878

  • Robert Kemp, Director
    UCSC Copy, Mail & Receiving Services
    TEL: 831-459-2354

We are very pleased with the considerable savings and service levels that will be provided by United Parcel Service and thank you in advance for your support as we begin this new supplier relationship.

New Strategic Sourcing Manager

Kathleen Rogers Named UCSC Strategic Sourcing Manager
Kathleen Rogers

Kathleen Rogers accepted the position of UCSC Strategic Sourcing Manager to provide campus sourcing leadership, including the management of legally mandated bid events.

Kathleen emerged as the best candidate from a strong pool of highly qualified procurement professionals. Kathleen is well-known at UCSC and within the UC procurement community for her expertise in negotiation, development of technology-driven procurement processes, mentoring procurement staff and demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability. Prior to UC, Kathleen led procurement operations in the healthcare and technology sectors.

We appreciate the participation of UCOP Strategic Sourcing Director Justin Sullivan and ITS Principal Budget Analyst Laura Pendergast who served on the selection committee.

Please join me in congratulating Kathleen as she takes the reigns of this important Procurement Services function!

Strategic Sourcing at UCSC

Enjoy the Benefits of Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing agreements are currently established for the procurement of goods and services at the University and are available for your use.

A strategically sourced supplier is one with whom the University has a competitively awarded agreement.

The benefits of using a strategically sourced agreement include: least total cost pricing, simplified ordering methods, sales representation on campus for personalized service and a history of providing quality service. Other advantages are optimal payment terms and maintaining a commitment to environmentally sustainable practices.

Procurement Services Buyers offer the knowledge and experience to skillfully source your requirements from these proven suppliers.

Procurement Services promotes the use of the strategically sourced suppliers, and actively publicizes the most often used agreements, within CruzBuy and on its website.

Procurement Services Help Desk and Training Administrator

Ever have a question on CruzBuy? Say hello to Yelcka.

The Procurement Services Help Desk and Training Administrator, Yelcka Huaynalaya, joined the team in September 2013 after 19 years in business and financial administration at UCSC and the New Teacher Center. She has extensive experience providing training and personalized assistance on complex administrative systems.

“The most satisfaction I get from managing the CruzBuy Help Desk is assisting people. It makes me happy to know I made someone's day more productive and helped them succeed at their job.” - Yelcka Huaynalaya

At the front end of support to our campus, Yelcka fields numerous requests every day. Over the last fiscal year, the HelpDesk received 662 total requests. She facilitates and resolves issues with fax orders, Banner and CruzBuy.

In her time off, Yelcka’s hobbies include making jewelry and sewing. She tries to keep the traditions of her Peruvian heritage alive through recreating dishes from her mother and cooking for her family.

Every two weeks, Yelcka leads CruzBuy training classes for up to eight attendees. From a locked account to guiding a new user through a requisition, Yelcka is happy to help.

Procurement Services Metrics

A Graphical Glimpse of the Requisitions for Fiscal Year 2014

The pie chart highlights all requisitions processed for FY 14 with turn time breakdowns for Procurement Services staff. Turn times are based on time between final department approval and final Procurement approval.

Pie Chart - Buyer Approved Reqs

The bar graph shows the total number of requisitions processed by month for FY 14, including those processed by Procurement Services.

Bar Graph - CruzBuy Requisitions

Working With Students

Procurement Services Helps Students Put On 'Edge of Eden' Music Festival

Vice Chancellor Sarah Latham regularly reminds BAS team members that we play an important role in delivering a transformative student experience. In 2014, Procurement Services contributed to a new kind of experience.

Last year, UCSC students approved a referendum to host an annual music festival called ‘Edge of Eden’ to build community and showcase the campus. Among the many challenges facing first-time student organizers was the prospect of navigating the campus business processes for contracting with event-related service providers.

Edge of Eden Music Festival

At the request of the Dean of Students and Vice Chancellor of Administration, UCSC Procurement Services assigned a dedicated project team to work side-by-side with UCSC students. The team negotiated more than 50 separate agreements ranging from performer services, ticketing, on-site medical assistance to ATM rental and bicycle valet services.

Providing support for the Edge of Eden festival served as a positive reminder of the link between our work and UCSC’s students.

Sustainability and Procurement

Procurement Services Mentors UCSC Provost's Sustainability Intern

The UC Santa Cruz Provost’s Sustainability Internship Program is a year-long program that helps students develop competencies necessary to become effective environmental leaders.

Faculty and Staff partner to link a student with sustainability projects in business units lacking the necessary project resources. Since the program’s inception, UCSC Procurement Services has partnered with three sustainability interns on projects related to procurement aspects of the campus sustainability plan.
Sierra Ellison-Swabey

Procurement Services’ 2013-14 sustainability intern, Sierra Ellison-Swabey, proposed a project to simplify the process for e-procurement system users to find and purchase environmentally preferable office supplies.

Many of the products flagged “green” by manufacturers rely on irrelevant, misleading or purposely vague claims about the use of virgin/recycled material in the product and its packaging, use of renewable resources in manufacturing and landfill impact. Sierra wanted to create a list of products verified by the University as to their green claims and classified as “Best” and “Good” in the e-procurement system.

After diving into procurement data to identify the most frequently purchased categories, Sierra identified the products that do the most to advance campus sustainability objectives. Sierra then worked with CruzBuy administrators to have the product lists compiled into shared e-procurement system folders accessible from the CruzBuy “favorites” section.

UCSC’s Green Purchasing Working Group expects that the new tool will promote increased awareness of environmental considerations when buying, using and disposing products. The tool will also help to reinforce the connection between campus sustainability objectives and preferred e-procurement system suppliers.

Senior Buyer, April Exner Nycum, served as Sierra’s sustainability internship mentor.

New Addition to Our Team

New Supplier Insurance Administrator: Candice Brown

Candice Brown is the newest addition to Procurement Services. She will be maintaining the department’s certificate of insurance database and ensuring service suppliers meet University insurance requirements. This includes suppliers on the Approved Caterers and Charters list.

Candice is a Human Biology major who grew up in Los Angeles. She plans on attending Physical Therapy school when she graduates. Upon completion of her education, Candice hopes to be a Physical Therapist for a ballet company or a Cirque du Soleil show. She is currently a member of the UCSC Dance Team and her passion and major hobby is dancing.

Procurement Services welcomes Candice to our team!
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