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Payroll Resources

payroll Resources

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Please contact the Payroll Help line at 459-2488 with questions or locate​ your representative directly.

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California Casualty Insurance Premium - Processing Error Alert
Employees whose California Casualty insurance premiums are deducted from their UC pay will notice that there was no deduction from January's pay, as a result of a UCOP payroll processing complication. They are aware of this problem and are working with California Casualty to correct it. We expect January's missed insurance premium deduction to be spread out over the remaining 2016 pay cycles. The adjusted insurance premium schedule will be announced as soon as it becomes known to us. If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Office at, or check the Payroll Resources page for updates.

Update: 2/3/16
We have confirmed that California Casualty insurance will be deducting the missed premium payment from each affected employee's future payroll payment(s). California Casualty will be individually reviewing each affected employee's account, determining the repayment amount and start and end date of the deduction adjustment period, directly notifying each employee of the adjustment amount and duration, and providing contact information should there be questions.

1042-S (Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding)
Digital copies will be available mid-February on GLACIER for eligible nonresidents (employees who claimed a tax treaty exemption, all nonresident alien scholarship/fellowship recipients and all other nonresident alien payees generally paid through vendor system).

Electronic W-2s
Electronic W-2s for 2015 are now available at AYSO. For employees who did not opt out of paper delivery, printed W-2s will be mailed to permanent addresses postmarked by 1/31/2016.

W-2s are required when filing both California State and Federal Tax returns. The filing deadline is April 15th.

Direct Deposit
Learn more about enrolling in Direct Deposit

Accessing AYSO for the first time? Help can be found in the Payroll Guide here.

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Important Form Information:
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Alternative_Pay_Processing_Request.pdfWritable PDFAlternative_Pay_Processing_Request
Glacier_Initial_Information.pdfWritable PDFGlacier_Initial_Information
Intercampus_OneTime_Pay_644CT.pdfWritable PDFIntercampus_OneTime_Pay_644CT
Interlocation_Incoming_Memo.pdfWritable PDFInterlocation_Incoming_Memo
Interlocation_Outgoing_Memo.pdfWritable PDFInterlocation_Outgoing_Memo
Overpayment_Cover_Letter.docWritable PDFOverpayment_Cover_Letter
Overpayment_Cover_Letter_Academic.docWritable PDFOverpayment_Cover_Letter_Academic
Payroll_Records_Request.pdfWritable PDFPayroll_Records_Request
Reissue_Payroll_Check.pdfWritable PDFReissue_Payroll_Check
Temporary_Campus_Appointment_560T.pdfWritable PDFTemporary_Campus_Appointment_560T
Employee's Federal-State Withholding_UC_W-4/DE-4
Non-Resident Alien Employee's Federal-State Withholding_UC_W-4NR/DE-4
Personal Data Change_UPAY_544
Personnel Out-of-State Tax Witholding_UPAY_830
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