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Temporary Staffing

As of October 1, 2013, only a purchase order can officially contract for temporary staffing through Randstad. Credit cards will no longer be accepted for the payment process. However, Randstad will continue to administer/allow payments via temp staffing cardless accounts for existing temporary staff only until the end of the temp's current assignment. After the assignment ends, then you must submit the temp staffing closure form to close your cardless account.  Future requests for temporary employees must be processed through a CruzBuy order. Instructions can be found in the new Temporary Staffing Guide

If you have questions not answered in this guide, you may contact Pro-Card at or by phone at (831) 459-3343.

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  • Program Administration and Support

    The UCSC Purchasing Card Program Administrator is available by email at:

    Review Program Roles for the Pro-card Administrator in Procurement and Business Contracts, Department/Unit Head, Purchasing Card Authorizer (PCA), Primary Contact and Temp Staff Supervisor.

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  • Allowable Temp Staff Cardless Account Purchases

    Temp Staff Cardless Account Can ONLY be used for Temp Staff from Randstad.

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  • Cardless Account Features

    Each Cardless Account is customized. Information encoded and stored for each Cardless Account:

    • Department/unit's identity
    • Primary Contact's identity, email address, phone number, mailstop
    • Purchasing Card Authorizer (PCA) identity
    • Account sequence (FOAPAL) to which temporary staff are to be charged (Note: each Cardless Account is tied to only one FOAPAL [fund-org-account-program-activity code]). A single department/unit may either obtain and use multiple cardless accounts or use TOEs to transfer funds.
    • Dollar limit for department's temp staff purchases (by month)
    • (refreshed on the 11th of each month, unless a weekend; if weekend then on next Monday at midnight)

    Contact your PCA and Budget Authorizer whenever you need to make changes to your account. Your PCA must approve any changes to FOAPALs or dollar limits/month.

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  • Activating, Registering and Protecting your Temp Staff Cardless Account

    Activate all new or replaced Cardless Account numbers by calling 1-800-344-5696 (24 hours 7 days per week). An automated phone response system will ask you (the Primary Contact) to:

    1. "Enter your 16 digit Account Number"
    2. "Enter your five digit zip code" (See billing address on letter that provides Cardless Account number)
    3. "Enter the last four digits of your Social Security number" Be sure to enter the last four digits of your Employee I.D. #, not your SS #. This number is shown on your monthly pay stub and in CruzPay.

    The Bank system will verify the information and activate the account if the data provided over the phone matches the information provided on the Temp Staff Cardless Account Application.


    Register your card online with US Bank Access. Be sure to register each Cardless Account you receive.

    US Bank Access on line training: Enter password in the box labeled "Lesson Log In Only". The password changes periodically for security reasons. Accompanying each new Cardless Account will be a welcome letter that states the current password information.

    Protect your Cardless Account

    The Primary Contact (PC) receives the department/unit's Temp Staff Cardless Account number in a secure letter (no physical cards are required or available) from the PCA.

    Find a safe place for your Cardless Account information.

    • Lock the notification letter in your desk.
    • Store the Cardless Account number in a secure place.

    Do not leave cardless Account transaction information lyring on your desk as the Cardless Account number may be visible.

    If you lose your account information immediately email

    If you are on an extended leave or furlough, contact your Supervisor to cancel the account permanently, deactivate it temporarily, or transfer it to a replacement Primary Contact, and contact the Pro-card Administrator at (831) 459-3343.

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  • Document All Transactions

    The Temp Staff Supervisor must collect documentation from Randstad each week for every Temp who worked and was paid that week. This person must keep all documentation to forward to cardholder/primary contact to reconcile to the US Bank statement each month.

    Acceptable documentation is Randstad's Weekly Paid Invoice (Transaction Summary). This documentation must contain itemized detail including:

    • Temp Name
    • Bill Rate
    • Pay Rate
    • Total Transaction Cost
    • Date

    If this information is not provided write the missing information on the Summary. If you lose a Weekly Transaction Summary, request a replacement from Randstad.

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  • Reconcile Your Cardless Account Statement

    On the 11th of each month, the department/unit's statement will be available through US Bank Access Online unless the 11th falls on a holiday or weekend. Then it will be available the following business day. A statement will only be issued if there was activity on the card during the previous month.

    The Primary Contact will receive email notification that their statement is ready for approval, if they have provided their email address in their US Bank personal profile. We highly recommend that Primary Contacts add their email address to ensure that they will receive email notification when a statement needs to be processed. See US Bank Access Online User Guide: My Personal Information.

    How to Reconcile the US Bank Detailed Transaction Report

    1. Log into the system: US Bank Access Online. Refer to Access Online User Guide - Viewing your Statement for illustrated instructions.
    2. Print the Transaction Statement.
    3. Compare the US Bank Statement to your Weekly Paid Invoices (Transaction Summary docs from Randstad to verify the accuracy of the charges. (If a discrepancy occurs, contact Randstad. Document the outcome on the statement.)

    Randstad Contact Information:

    1. Primary Contact signs the Transaction Statement on the Cardholder Signature line certifying the transactions are complete and accurate.
      Send the reconciled signed statement to your PCA for review and signature within 10 working days.
    2. Send the reconciled signed satement to your PCA for review and signature within 10 working days.
    3. PCA then signs the statement and stores the information as the OOR for 5 years.

    Note: Temporary Staffing Cardless Account Statements must be signed by the Primary Contact and PCA.

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  • Supplier Disputes

    Sometimes, a Temp Staff Supervisor in a Department/Unit does not recognize a transaction on their statement, or the amount does not match their report from Randstad. The Primary Contact initially handles any disputes with Randstad. S/he is responsible for contacting Randstad immediately.

    Randstad Contact Information:

    The Primary Contact must first try to resolve any dispute with Randstad directly. This is the best and most efficient means of handling any disputed charges. Randstad will work with you to resolve any differences.

    1. Contact Randstad immediately.
    2. Negotiate an agreement with them.
    3. Document all phone calls and retain all correspondence with Randstad.
    4. Note problem on statement.
    5. Check next statement to confirm credit, if credit is due.

    If an agreement cannot be reached with Randstad or if credit does not appear on next statement, US Bank will resolve the matter. The Primary Contact must, however, contact US Bank within 60 days from the statement date. Follow these steps:

    1. Log on to Access Online. Follow the instructions in Access Online User Guide - Transaction Management to locate the transaction in question and provide information to the bank about why the transaction is being disputed.
    2. As specified in the online instructions, Print, Sign and Fax or Mail to the Bank.
    3. Attach a copy of the complete documentation for the dispute. Once disputed, a small D will be displayed next to the record for the transaction.
    4. Keep a copy in your records.

    Once the bank recives the dispute form they will advocate for you.

    1. The bank will review the dispute.
    2. The bank will issue a credit to the Department/Unit's account.
    3. The bank will investigate the charge.
    4. If the charge is determined to be valid, the expense will be charged to the Department/Unit's account by the bank.
    5. If the charge is determined to be incorrect, the credit will remain with the Department/Unit.

    The bank has 60 days in which to complete their investigation.

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  • Vacation and Leaves of Absence

    When going on vacation or taking a leave of absence, all department/unit Temp Staff Cardless Account transactions still need to be reconciled if there is any activity during the previous month.

    • Log into the access online web site: Access Online. Refer to Access Online User Guide - Cardholder Reporting and complete the following steps:
      • On the left column navigation bar click Reporting.
      • Select Transaction Detail in the date section.
      • Select From: Current Month, 11th day (June 11 for data posted after June statement) To: Today's date.
      • Select the card(s) with activity.
      • Select Run Report.
    • Save the Transaction Detail report as a pdf and use in place of monthly statement.
    • Send transaction report and summary reports from Randstad to PCA before leaving on vacation.
    • As soon as you return from your absence, save the US Bank statement for that month's cycle as a pdf, confirm accuracy of transactions that occurred during your vacation, and forward pdf to PCA.

    On the 11th of each month, your statement will be available through US Bank Access Online unless the 11th falls on a holiday or weekend. Then it will be available the following business day. A statement will only be issued if there was activity on your card during the previous month.

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  • Changing, Suspending, or Closing a Temp Staff Cardless Account

    The Supervisor can determine at any time to make a change to the department/unit's account.
    Examples of changes to an account include:

    • Change in FOAPAL (fund-organization-activity-program)
    • Change in dollar limit per month
    • Suspension of an account if no activity is expected for several months/years
    • Close of the account if no Temp Staff services will be needed in the future

    To request these changes:

    • Primary Contact completes, signs and dates the Temp Staff Cardless Account Application (accessed through Forms link above) indicating the change(s) needed.
    • PCA approves and signs the completed application
    • PCA forwards the completed, approved application to the Pro-Card Administrator.

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  • Misuse and Abuse

    • The Primary Contact, Primary Contact's Supervisor, Budget Manager/Purchasing Card Authorizer (PCA) or Pro-card Administrator may detect misuse and abuse. It is the responsibility of each to monitor for misuse and abuse and to take action accordingly.
    • The Purchasing Card Authorizer (PCA) is responsible for detecting and reacting to any misuse and abuse of a Temp Staff Cardless Account that comes to light during the review of monthly reports and summary statements.
    • If misuse is detected, contact the UCSC Purchasing Card Program Administrator at It is important that any occurrence of misuse is documented.

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  • Lost or Stolen Cards

    If a purchasing card is lost or stolen, the Primary Contact in the department/unit is responsible for canceling the card account.

    1. Notify the US Bank immediately by phoning 1-800-344-5696
    2. Contact Purchasing Card Administrator @ 
    3. Review the next statement to identify all unknown charges.
    4. Begin the dispute process for unkown charges if necessary.
    5. Notify Randstad of new account number if US Bank replaces the account number.

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  • Introduction Access Online

    Generate an AccessOnline Temp Staff Report to view a detailed report of payments made by US Bank to Randstad for Temporary Services. AccessOnline generates an Excel report. By copying the rows from this verbose report into a template provided by Procurement and Business Contracts, users can view the data needed to reconcile Randstad Invoices (receipts for payments) for Temporary Staff.

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  • Report setup

    • Create a folder in which to save the reports on your computer (for example: TempServicesReports), or locate your existing folder.
    • Download the RandstadDetailReportTemplate.xls.
    • Login to AccessOnline. See Getting Started.
    • In the Left-Column Navigation Bar, click the "Reporting" high-level task. The Reporting screen displays.

    Report setup

    • On the Reporting screen, click Supplier Management.

    Supplier Management

    • On the Supplier Management screen, click Business Expenses: Temporary Services Spending.

    Business expenses

    • On the Supplier Management: Temporary Services Spending screen select report parameters.
      • Select Cycle Close Date Range as the Date option.
      • Choose values for Begin Month and End Month from the dropdowns. To obtain the report for a single cycle, use the same month in both fields.
      • Select Detail (Excel Only) as the Report Type option.
      • Choose the account number(s) for which you want a report.
      • Keep the default values for remaining fields.
      • Click Run Report button.

    Report parameters

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  • Report details

    The MS Excel report will be downloaded from AccessOnline to the location specified by the computer being used. (A blank WebFOCUS Report window may appear on your screen; it can be closed.) The report filename is typically something similar to WFServlet.xls and contains many "extra" fields of information not needed for reconciling statements. Follow the steps below to view a smaller, more useful report that shows fewer fields of data:

    • Change the filename (for example, for the file in this example change the name from WFServlet.xls to TempServicesReportVerboseNov09.xls). Save the renamed file.
    • Copy the lines of data from the newly generated verbose report. In the example shown below rows 2-5 are highlighted and ready to be copied. (Additional fields extend to the right in the Excel spreadsheet, but are not shown in the image below.)
    • Open the template: RandstadDetailReportTemplate.xls.

    Example:  Temp Report

    • Copy the selected lines from the verbose report and paste into the template. To paste, highlight all cells in Line 2, the first empty row of the template (shown highlighted below). "Extra" data fields will be hidden when report data is pasted into the template.

    Spherion Template - Example 2

    • "SAVE AS" (MSExcel File menu) the resulting file with a name appropriate for your department. For this example the file is saved as TempServicesReportNov09.xls.

    Temp Report Example After

    • Convert the file to a pdf for ease of emailing to your Primary Contact or print the file, if preferred. For MAC users, to create a pdf simply use the Excel Print command and choose Save as PDF.

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  • Record Retention Standards

    Cardholder Account and Agreement Forms

    • Original forms are maintained by the Financial Administrative Services and Transactions/ Accounts Payable (FAST/AP) Office
    • Forms are permanent until superseded (i.e. changes to agreement or account closed)
    • Original forms are retained for 5 years after account has been closed or in accordance with extramural fund (EMF) guidelines.

    Statements and Associated TOEs

    • Pro-Card Authorizer (PCA) in each department/unit stores complete information as Office of Record (OOR) for ten years on a secure network drive.
    • Contract and Grant funded transactions must be retained in accordance with EMF guidelines.

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  • Where to Get Help

    For assistance with Access Online password resets and general navigation, contact U.S. Bank at 877-887-9260.

    For assistance with the Pro-Card process, email or call the FAST/AP Help line at 459-4488.

    For assistance regarding your Randstad invoices, temp staff, or billing questions contact Abigail Allen at 831-459-0720 or email at

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