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Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) Guide

The information in this guide provides assistance on how to access and use the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) . PPS contains a wide variety of employee demographic, employment, and payroll data, both current and historical.

The primary purpose of PPS is to ensure that all employees are paid properly, in a timely fashion, and to support payroll-related reporting requirements of both the University and external agencies. Please email with questions or locate your representative directly.

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  • Who Needs an Account?

    Employees responsible for maintaining personnel and payroll data use the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) to facilitate their work.

    Employees may serve in one or more of the following roles:

    • Transaction preparer
    • Mandatory transaction reviewer
    • Inquiry only user
    • Non-mandatory transaction reviewer
    • Back-up preparer or reviewer
    • Central office users

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  • Getting an Account

    Follow these steps to obtain an account:

    1. Complete the following forms. The Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) Access Form may be scanned and emailed to or mailed to PPS Account Administration Mailstop: Accounting Office. The Access to Information Statement can be completed online by following the link below.
    2. Complete required PPS training as described on the PPS Training page.
    3. Upon successful completion of training, the PPS Office will notify you that your account has been created.

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  • Accessing the Payroll/Personnel System

    All PPS users may access Web PPS from their web browser via the PPS website.

    For EDB Inquiry access and Web PAN (Post Authorization Notifications):

    • Navigate to the PPS Website
    • Click the Launch Web PPS button
    • Enter your User ID
    • Enter your password
    • Click on the "Logon" button
    • The PPS main page will appear

    Those users requiring access to History and Update functions must do so via the PPS CICS client application. UCSC ITS Desktop Support staff will be able to assist with the installation of the client. If you are unsure if the client has been installed on your workstation, please contact the PPS Office at for assistance.

    For help installing the PPS CICS client, please contact UCSC ITS:
    IT Request
    (831) 459-4357

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  • Terminating or Deactivating an Account

    The service team, division, and departmental unit manager responsible for human resource and/or payroll transactions notifies the PPS Office to terminate or deactivate an account or by completing a CruzID Account Modification Form in the following situations:

    • An employee’s appointment is terminated.
    • An employee's job function has changed in such a way that PPS access is no longer warranted.

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  • Special Situations

    The HR Control Unit Manager must notify the PPS Office when a PPS user is going on furlough or leave.

    • Emergency or unexpected leave.
      • Immediately contact the PPS Office.
    • Long-term leave or furlough.
      • Send an email message to the PPS Office at, indicating the period of the time for which the employee's account should be temporarily locked.

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  • Training Information

    Completion of training is required prior to obtaining a PPS account. Information about training prerequisites, schedules, and curriculum are available from the PPS Training webpage.

    • Basics
    • Full
    • Online Payroll Time Reporting Systems (OPTRS)
    • Transfer of Payroll Expense (TOPE)
    • Academic actions

    Sign up for PPS training via the online enrollment form. Trainings are offered on a monthly basis and are determined by customer need. Please forward any questions to

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  • Where to Get Help

    For assistance with PPS, please contact the PPS Office at

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  • System Access & Accounts

    Revoked access or forgotten password?
    Contact the PPS Office at for a password reset.

    Close PPS account
    Contact the PPS Office at or complete the UCSC Account Modification Form and forward to the ITS Help Desk.

    Put an Account on Administrative Hold (during Furlough/Leave)

    • The supervisor or other appropriate manager must notify the PPS Office at when a PPS user is going on furlough or leave.

    Change an existing PPS Account
    After successful completion of additional PPS training (if necessary):

    1. Complete a UCSC Business Systems Supplemental Form
      If the request is for "Transfers Only", please indicate this on the form in the "Special" field.
      Be sure the form includes the Data Access Grantor's signature authorization.
    2. Submit the completed form to the PPS Office ( or fax: 9-3601).
      You will be notified by the PPS Office when your account has been changed.

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