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FIS Meets UCPath

UCPath is here! What does that mean for you? Changes! Because Payroll transactions account for more than 75% of all transactions in the FIS General Ledger, your financial data will be impacted by the transition to UCPath.

There have been numerous behind the scenes updates to FIS to accommodate UCPath changes. While most of these changes will be transparent to you, there are some that you will see and should know about. We’ve called these changes out on this site, so you will know why they are happening and how to identify them. In addition to processing changes, we are highlighting Key Dates to be aware of.

While we have been able to plan for and implement many changes, the UCOP Central UCPath team is continuing to address known issues related to financial processing in UCPath. We are working with the Central Team to understand how these issues affect us at UCSC. As we know more about the impacts, we will communicate to affected campus business offices. As always, please contact us at for any questions or comments.

UCPath Launch

Key Dates

Disclaimer: These are our best estimates. UCPath Central Team will provide us with final dates for the Payroll Production Calendar. When we have them, we will send out communication, and update this section.

UCPath Financial Transaction Training. For more information about dates, times, and to sign up, please visit the training webpage.

Now Open
Open Labs for UCPath Funding Entry and Salary Cost Transfers/Direct Retros are posted to the UCPath and Financial Affairs page.

Final payroll transactions from PPS post to FIS (for December 2019 Biweekly pay period ending 12/14/19 and December TOPEs). First payroll transactions from UCPath post to FIS (for December 2019 Monthly pay period ending 12/31/19).

Biweekly pay period ending 12/28/2019 posts to FIS.
​​​​​​​​​​ ​​

​Same...but Different

Payroll Journal Prefixes and Description Journal Transaction Description Changes
Journal Transaction Description Changes
Check Date MM/DD/YYYY

Expense-RPNI Assessments

Payroll Expense

UCRP Supp Assessment Interest Expense
W/S Salary Offset

W/S Benefit Offset

Work-Study Salary Expense Offset

Work-Study Benefit Expense Offset
Benefit Pool Offset LEAVE USAGE TRANSFER Benefit Pool Offset for Vacation Accrued/Taken

Payroll Posting Schedule
Payroll transactions, including Salary Cost Transfers/Direct Retros will post to FIS more frequently. The exact schedule is still to be determined, but most likely will coincide with the completion of each payroll run (Monthly/Biweekly).

We will post the new schedule as soon as it is available. As always, we will alert fis_user when payroll has posted to FIS, and when the transactions are available in the Data Warehouse/InfoView.

Posting to FOAPAL Suspense
Just as with PPS, if any of the FOAPAL elements on a payroll transaction do not exist in FIS, or have been terminated, that transaction will post to a Suspense FOAPAL. For UCPath, several different types of Suspense FOAPALs will be used. See Chart below.

For UCPath, another reason transactions may end up in a Suspense FOAPAL is if position funding was not set up on the UCPath Funding Entry page before payroll was confirmed, or if the funding line for the position had a past funding end date. It will be important for units to monitor position funding data to be sure it is set up in a timely manner, and if funding end dates are used, that they are extended when necessary.

Any transactions that are directed to a Suspense FOAPAL will need a Salary Cost Transfer/Direct Retro transaction to be done by the unit to redirect the expense to the appropriate FOAPAL. Reports will be provided to assist units with identifying these transactions. FOAPAL Suspense Chart
FOAPAL Suspense Chart
Org Title Reason
899970 UCPath Edit Error Suspense When a funding distribution in UCPath has one or more terminated or inactive elements
899971 UCPath Dept Suspense When no funding exists in UCPath for a position
899972 UCPath Suspense When the funding end date has passed on a funding distribution
899973 UCPath Local Edit Error Suspense When a FOAPAL fed from UCPath has elements that have been terminated or inactivated in FIS between the time payroll ran and the transaction was fed to FIS

Definitely Different

Future Dated Funding
In PPS, a FOAPAL element (e.g. fund code) cannot be used on a funding distribution until it is active. So future dated elements are not allowed in PPS.

UCPath will support future dated FOAPAL elements, allowing users to create future dated funding entries. For example, if a fund code for a new grant is set up in advance in FIS, the unit will be able to create the position funding entry in UCPath, as long as the effective date of the entry is equal to or later than the effective date of the fund code.

New Account Codes
Units will see several new payroll-related account codes on their ledgers when UCPath transactions post.
New Account Codes Chart
New Account Codes Chart
Account Title
P68530 GAEL/ Employee Support
P68933 Terminal Vacation Paid
P68850 Composite Benefit Rate (CBR)
Compensatory Time Accrued

Salary/Benefit Liens (Encumbrances)
UCPath does not provide the functionality for Salary or Benefit Liens. With the last full Payroll posting from PPS (December 2019), all salary and benefit liens will be liquidated, and will no longer be computed.

Local creation and posting of payroll liens may be possible in the future. Once UCPath integration has stabilized and any ledger-affecting issues addressed, investigation on locally computed liens (and assessment of campus need) will occur.

Composite Benefit Rate
A major change with UCPath is the introduction of the Composite Benefit Rate, which combines most benefit expenses into a single percentage rate calculated against an employee’s gross salary. Full information about the Composite Benefit Rate, and assessments it includes and excludes are available on Planning & Budget's Composite Benefit Rate web page. ​​​​

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