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PPS Meets UCPath

Welcome to the final days of PPS! As we continue the transition from PPS to UCPath, routine payroll activities will cease in PPS and the torch will be passed to UCPath.

For those with OPTRS TOPEs access, PPS will continue to be available for transfers on PPS processed payroll transactions through fiscal close 2020. For users needing historical PPS data, InfoView reports will be available in 2020 and beyond.

Just as PPS was a sea-change for UCSC, UCPath will bring much-needed improvements to individual employees and the campus overall. Change can be unsettling, but the forethought, team work and persistence of all those involved will do wonders to ease this transition. We’ll bid a fond farewell to PPS and welcome UCPath in 2020. As always, please contact us at with any questions.

UCPath Launch

Key Dates

PPS is frozen for OEU.

Last day to enter TOPEs in PPS to be included in December ledgers. TOPE processing will start again in January.

PPS TOPEs entry is available. TOPEs can be performed for pay period end dates up to 11/30/2019 (for Monthly paid employees) or 12/14/2019 (for Biweekly paid employees). Transfers for later pay periods must be processed via Direct Retro in UCPath.

July 2020
Expected sunset of PPS.

​What's Changing in PPS?

By fiscal close 2020, there will be no transactional activity in PPS. All these functions (and more!) will be handled by UCPath.

PPS is now closed for updates. Units should consult with their Staff HR or APO contacts regarding entries or updates to employee or job data in UCPath.

PPS OPTRS TOPEs transactions will be available in PPS after the cutover period.

PPS access will be limited to users with a strong business need (such as processing high-priority TOPEs). Units are advised to consider which of their most seasoned preparers should retain their PPS access.​​​​​​​

Welcome to 2020!

PPS OPTRS TOPES: Still alive and kicking!
TOPES (Transfers of Payroll Expense) will continue to be available in PPS until fiscal close 2020.

2020 PPS OPTRS TOPEs Entry Schedule
The remaining TOPEs cycles for 2020 have been released by UC Office of the President. Check out the schedule and instructions on the PPS website.

Goodbye EID, Hello EmplID!
The current PPS 9-digit numbers in the format 7######## has been replaced with 8-digit numbers in UCPath. With the changes to Employee ID numbers there will be a need to update how they are used across campus. In a variety of systems, “crosswalks” will be created to ease the transition from PPS EID to UCPath EmplID.​​
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