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Welcome Aboard CMRS!

Financial Affairs is pleased to announce that Copier, Mail and Receiving Services (CMRS) will be joininghas joined our family as of 11/1/17.
Along with Procurement Services, CMRS will be part of the newly formed department, Procurement and Supply Chain Services.


Copier Program
Phone: 459-5799
Fax: 459-5266

Copy Center
Copy Orders:
Course Readers:
Phone: 459-3888
Fax: 502-7190



​A new Chapter for Procurement

Procurement and Supply Chain Services (PSCS) merges existing purchasing, strategic sourcing, e-Procurement, and business contracts services with the services provided by Copier, Mail, and Receiving Services. It provides Financial Affairs with a great opportunity to further improve its support of campus customers by taking advantage of the natural synergy existing between the two organizations.

Having beginning-to-end oversight of the supply chain process - from sourcing products, to purchasing them, all the way to disposing of them - enables us to look holistically and in a different, better way towards obtaining goods and services in the highest value-added way possible. We took our cue from other universities adopting more of a supply chain model, which includes our sister campuses in San Diego, San Francisco, and Davis. Be assured that one thing not changing for either unit is the priority the new PSCS places on providing your unit or program with consistently high quality customer service.
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