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FIS Banner Posting Schedule

This calendar displays FIS payroll posting dates, as well as other key events such as UCPath Labor Ledger loads to DWH, Funding Entry deadlines, and Direct Retro processing dates.

Labor Ledger Important Information
"Labor Ledger" is the common name for the set of tables that make up the General Ledger in the UCPath database. In the days following UCOP's generation of a payroll cycle (or batch of Direct Retros), Labor Ledger data is sent to each campus. This data comes in two flavors (or types of tables):
  1. Detail - employee-level salary and benefit data for retrieval by the InfoView DOPE and My Grant Activity reports
  2. Summary - data summarized at the FOAPAL level for posting to the FIS ledger
Each morning, Data Warehouse processes automatically load any new Labor Ledger Detail data into their database, ready for retrieval by the DOPE and My Grant Activity Reports. However, Summary data must be reviewed before posting to FIS, which occurs weekly and at period close.

Therefore, during open periods the DOPE and My Grant Activity reports will occasionally contain Labor Ledger data that has not yet posted to FIS and its associated InfoView Financial universe reports (such as Financial Transactions, or Extramural Fund Review). With rare exceptions, any discrepancy of this nature between the Labor Ledger and FIS will resolve at period close.

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