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Corporate Travel & Entertainment Card

​​​Welcome to the Financial Affairs resource page for UCSC Corporate Travel & Entertainment (CTE) Cards. Here you will find links to information to help guide you through the process of obtaining and using a CTE Card.​​​​
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How To Request A Card​

Using your CTE Card

How To Use Your CTE Card

CTE Card Reconciliation

How To Reconcile Your CTE Card
  • Fill out the CTE TERF (Travel and Entertainment Reconciliation Form).

  • After filling out the Travel and Entertainment Reconcilation Form, email the completed TERF and required supporting documentation/receipts to
  • CTE Card Announcements

    CTE Card Announcements Archive
    Notice to Employees: Remote/Zoom Meal Expenses not Allowable During COVID-19 Shelter-in-place
    Many campuses have been receiving requests from employees for reimbursements of various expenses associated with working from home during the COVID-19 shelter-in-place. It is important to remember that employees who are working from home are not on travel status as defined in Business and Finance Bulletin G-28, Travel Regulations, as “the period during which a traveler is traveling on official University business outside the vicinity of their headquarters or residence.” Because employees who are working from home are not on travel status, they are not eligible for meal reimbursement. If they have to travel to the regular office where they would normally work, that is a non-reimbursable commuting expense.

    Similarly, requests for reimbursement of meals taken at home (or delivered) during a Zoom business meeting are not reimbursable under policy. Per Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-79, a business meeting requires an in-person host, and is intended for on-premises and/or in-person meetings of employees. Since none of those factors occur on an at-home Zoom meeting with colleagues, the related charge is not allowable for reimbursement nor can it be charged to a UC paid credit card (i.e. CTE or Procard).​


    Mailing Address:
       Accounting: CTE Card
       Univ of California Santa Cruz
       1156 High St
       Santa Cruz, CA 95064

    Office Location:
       100 Enterprise Way
       Scotts Valley, CA 95066

    Intercampus Mailstop:

    For questions contact:


    For scheduling and enrollment please visit the CTE Card Training page.​​

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