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Corporate Travel & Entertainment Card

​​​Welcome to the Financial Affairs resource page for UCSC Corporate Travel & Entertainment (CTE) Cards. Here you will find links to information to help guide you through the process of obtaining and using a CTE Card.​​​​

Note: Outstanding CTE reconciliations 60 days past due will result in suspension of the cardholder’s account.​

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How To Request A Card​

Using your CTE Card

How To Use Your CTE Card

CTE Card Reconciliation

How To Reconcile Your CTE Card
  • Fill out the CTE TERF (Travel and Entertainment Reconciliation Form).

  • Submitting the approved Travel and Entertainment Reconciliation Form and required supporting documentation/receipts using DocuSign, may be emailed to as a "Signing Recipient," not a "CC Recipient." For other electronic signatures used, you may email approved CTE submissions to

    Outstanding CTE reconciliations 60 days past due will result in suspension of the cardholder’s account

  • CTE Card Announcements

    CTE Card Announcements Archive
    New CTE Card User Agreement, Powered by DocuSign
    The CTE Card User Agreement has been rebuilt as a DocuSign enabled web based form and added to the Financial Affairs Forms Directory.

    The web based version of the CTE Card User Agreement will automatically generate a DocuSign envelope and route it to the proper recipients for review, approval, and processing. Please ensure that new applications are submitted using this version of the form.


    Mailing Address:
       Accounting: CTE Card
       Univ of California Santa Cruz
       1156 High St
       Santa Cruz, CA 95064

    Office Location:
       100 Enterprise Way
       Scotts Valley, CA 95066

    Intercampus Mailstop:

    For questions contact:


    For scheduling and enrollment please visit the CTE Card Training page.​​

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