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Financial Information System

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FIS Resources

​WARNING! The above link launches the University of California Santa Cruz Financial Information System login process. Access is limited to authorized UCSC employees only. Unauthorized access is prohibited
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FIS Announcements

FIS Announcements Archive
FIS Banner Eternal Spinning
If you're using Chrome or Edge and getting an eternal spinning wheel while navigating to a Banner form (e.g. foidoch), there's a new setting in both Edge and Chrome that can be changed to fix this issue. The issue is relatively new, and the ITS team who manages FIS is still exploring options how to resolve it server-side.

Please try following the steps below to resolve.

Edge Icon If you're using Edge:
  • Press Alt+D (if on Mac, press Command+L) to get to the navigation bar. Paste the following into the navigation bar and press ENTER:
  • edge://flags/#reduced-referrer-granularity
  • Edge Flag
  • Toggle the box for "Reduce default 'referer' header granularity." from Default, to Disabled.
  • Do not change other settings.
  • Restart Edge and try again.

Chrome Icon If you're using Chrome:
  • Press Alt+D (if on Mac, press Command+L)​ to get to the navigation bar. Paste the following into the navigation bar and press ENTER:
  • chrome://flags/#reduced-referrer-granularity
  • Chrome Flag
  • Toggle the box for "Reduce default 'referer' header granularity." from Default, to Disabled.
  • Do not change other settings.
  • Restart Chrome and try again.​​
If you have any questions about this, please contact us at​​​​​​​​​​​

FIS Contact & Hours

Mailing Address:
   Financial Information System
   Univ of California Santa Cruz
   1156 High St
   Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Office Location:
   100 Enterprise Way
   Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Intercampus Mailstop:


FIS System Normal Hours
   Monday - Saturday 7 AM - 7 PM

Other System Hours Generally Available
   Monday - Saturday 7 PM - 9 PM
   Sunday 7 AM - 9 PM

FIS Objective & Links

The Financial Information System (FIS) is the system of record for the official UCSC financial ledgers and chart of accounts. It provides support for the operational processing of all campus acquisitions, payables, equipment inventory, extramural funds and financial transfer activity, as well as for the production of official campus financial reporting for internal and external customers.

FIS Tools

FIS Train Database
FIS User Train

For help logging into the FIS User Train database, please email

University of California
UC Santa Cruz, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, Ca 95064
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