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US Bank Access OnlineWelcome to the Financial Affairs resource page for UCSC Pro-Cards. Here you will find links to information
to help guide you through the process of obtaining and using a Pro-Card, as well as information for PCA's and Pro-Card Reviewers.

Cardholder Information

Getting A Pro-Card
  1. Obtain pre-approval from PCA or Supervisor, then fill out and submit a Payee Setup 204 form to Accounting Services.
  2. Cardholder must then pass Pro-Card Cardholder Quiz.
  3. Employee then fills out Pro-Card Application Agreement form and obtains Supervisor and PCA signatures.
    Intercampus Mail: Accounting
  4. After processing, Accounting will send Pro-Card to Cardholder PCA.
  5. PCA signs verification form (page two), and returns green delivery bag.
  6. Card administrator visits the U.S. Bank website to activate card and set up account.
Using A Pro-Card
  1. Review general standards and allowable purchases before making a purchase.
  2. Ensure that your goods are not restricted before you finalize your purchase.
  3. Check with your department to see if more restrictive Pro-Card policies exist.
  4. Purchase goods and save all receipts. Keep in mind that your billing address is not the same as your shipping address, and incorrect billing addresses will lead to declines.
  5. Upon delivery, verify product received is as ordered and in good condition.
  6. U.S. Bank will email cardholder when statement is ready, typically on the 11th or the following business day.
  7. Log into U.S. Bank and print your statement. Sign and date it and submit to your supervisor with attached original receipts.
  8. If your supervisor is unavailable for an extended period of time, a PCA should sign instead.
  9. Statements are due to Supervisor within 10 business days of issuance.

Reviewers And PCA's

What is a Pro-Card Supervisor/Reviewer How Do I Become A Pro-Card Supervisor? What is a PCA?

​​Common Questions

Pro-Card Announcements

Pro-Card Announcements Archive
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