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UCPath and Financial Affairs

UCPath is the University of California's Payroll and Human Resources system. It serves all 230,000 employees of the University of California at all ten campuses, five medical centers, UC Office of the President, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, UC Hastings College of the Law and the Associated Students of UCLA.

Payroll and related activities account for over 75% of the University's financial transactions. UCPath has introduced many changes to the way we transact payroll financial business, and how payroll transactions appear in our local UCSC ledger (FIS) and financial reports. Implemented at UCSC in January 2020, we continue to gain proficiency and understanding of UCPath financial data and processes.
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Schedules & Calendars

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Payroll Production Processing Schedule:

2023 | 2022​​​


Below are instructional materials used in the UCPath Financial Training course.

Training Materials​ Open Labs​

NOTE: All Open Lab sessions have been cancelled for the time being as we evaluate our campus response to the COVID-19 situation. A new schedule will be posted once sessions are again being made available.


UCPath Announcements

UCPath Announcements Archive

On December 12, 2022, UCPath will implement a new systemwide Common Chart of Accounts (CCoA) structure.  This update will involve a reordering of the displayed FOAPAL fields (called Chartfields in UCPath) in Funding Entry, Budget Distribution (BDP) and Direct Retro pages.  This is a relatively small change, but users will want to ensure they are conscious of the update when completing data entry or review activities.

 Please see below for a sample comparison using the UCPath Funding Entry Inquiry page.

Starting on December 12, 2022, users will see the new Chartfield order reflected in UCPath Financial pages. The relevant UCPath Financial Guide sections will be updated to reflect this display change.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this change, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

UCPath Fluid Improved Navigation is here!
Users may notice that UCPath looks a little different. Though individual pages haven't changed, system navigation has been updated with Fluid Improved Navigation. For UCPath Financial pages (Funding Entry Inquiry, Funding Entry, Budget Distribution (BDP), Process Direct Retro and Review Retro Distribution), we've updated each guide section to reflect the new user-friendly navigation.

In addition, we've reflected the transition from Bookmarks to Favorites (announced in August 2022) in our UCPath Financial Guide section "Favorites".

Please let us know at if you have any questions about using UCPath Financial pages. ​​​​
Effective December 2019, UCSC payroll activities transitioned from PPS to UCPath. At that time, PPS employee information was archived. For users with an ongoing business need to access this PPS History, data will continue to be available in InfoView.

Users who would like more information on using InfoView reports with PPS data should start by visiting the InfoView Help & Training website. Budget Analysis and Planning Data Services can also help with questions regarding obtaining or modifying InfoView accounts at For any additional questions regarding PPS History data needs, please don't hesitate to contact us at
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