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UCPath and Financial Affairs

UCPath is a systemwide project launched by the University of California to modernize its aging payroll/personnel system. Delivery of key personnel, payroll, and related financial functions will be consolidated into a single system based on new technology and standardized processes to enhance the way services are delivered to employees and campus administration. UCPath is the largest information system project the University has ever undertaken.

Payroll and related activities account for over 75% of the University's financial transactions. UCPath will introduce many changes to the way we transact payroll financial business, and how payroll transactions appear in our local UCSC ledger (FIS) and financial reports. There is much for all of us to learn, and much to gain.
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Key Dates

UCPath Payroll Processing Schedule
Last day to enter TOPEs in PPS.

12pm Deadline for FY20 Funding Entry transaction approval. Funding Entry freeze begins at noon for UCPath funding rollover process. After this point, no further FY20 funding may be entered.

12pm Funding Entry freeze ends. FY21 funding may be entered.

Last day to approve Direct Retros for posting to FY20.

Last day to make changes to UCPath Budget Distribution Page (BDP) for updating 2021 Staffing Lists.

Training & Information

Below are instructional materials used in the UCPath Financial Training course. A step-by-step guide for UCPath financial transactions is also in progress.

Training Materials​ Open Labs​

NOTE: All Open Lab sessions have been cancelled for the time being as we evaluate our campus response to the COVID-19 situation. A new schedule will be posted once sessions are again being made available.


UCPath Financial GuideUCPath Financial Glossary UCPath @ UCSC
(Local UCPath Project Website)
UCPath Financial Help: Composite Benefit Rate Information​​ Research Accountant Round Table
This deck contains information about UCPath Funding, Direct Retros, AWE and Training that may be helpful for all units.

Impacts of UCPath

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