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Access Connexxus Booking ToolWelcome to the Financial Affairs resource page for UCSC Travel. Here you will find links to information to help guide you to successful travel preparation, booking, and expense reimbursement. Be sure to check out the Key Tips for UCSC Travelers for advice on the most common travel topics, and remember, the full UCSC Travel Guide is also available with in-depth travel and policy information.

​Before you Travel

Get Departmental Pre-Approval for Your Trip Make Sure Your Payment Information is Up to Date
In order for the university to reimburse your travel expenses you must have current payee information on file. Without a complete Payee Setup 204 form you will be unable to receive a cash advance or travel expense reimbursement. If your address or banking information has changed since you last submitted a Payee Setup 204 form, you will need to fill out a new form and submit it so that FAR has your new information.

Pick a Way to Pay for Your Trip
You can request a cash advance for your travel (or reimbursement for pre-paid travel) expenses by filling out and submitting a Travel Advance Request form. The Travel Advance Request form can also be used for requesting a trip number to direct bill certain expenses.

Regardless of what method of payment you choose, you are required to file a Post Travel Expense form when you return from your trip.

Book Your Travel Through Connexxus or Another Means Important Foreign Travel and Product Shipment Considerations
Foreign Travel - You must contact the UCSC Export Control Office at if you are traveling to Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan or North Korea. These locations are highly regulated and travel to these destinations may require a license.

Foreign Product Shipments - Also, please contact the UCSC Export Control Office for guidance on license requirements for items that you may be hand-carrying or shipping abroad. Export controlled items include: samples, materials, components, confidential/technical information, laptops, smartphones, PDAs, software, and anything with encryption technology.

For more information see Key Tips For UCSC Travelers.

While You Travel

Review the list of allowable expenses before making purchases.

Save your original itemized receipts while traveling.

For more information see Types of Travel.

​After you Travel

If you are seeking reimbursement for funds spent on allowable expenses while traveling, you have 45 days to file a Post Travel Expense form, but it is recommended that you do so within 10 days of returning from your trip.

Rates and information for rental car and personal automobile usage.

Travel Announcements

Travel Announcements Archive
AB 1887 Update - Travel Restrictions
Attention travelers, there has been a recent update to the list of states impacted by California law AB 1887’s restrictions on state-funded travel. (At UCSC, this applies to funds in the 199xx series.) On April 15, 2019, the California State Attorney General added South Carolina to the list of states impacted by California law AB 1887’s restrictions on state-funded travel.

Please visit the website of the California Office of the Attorney General for a regularly updated list of impacted states and additional relevant information about this law.

You may want to review the updated AB 1887 FAQ or contact should you have any questions about this law and how it impacts travel to the designated states.

​Pre-Travel Forms

​Travel Rates and links

Travel Guide Meals and Incidental Expense Rates
Currency Converter (OANDA)

Automobile Mileage Rates
58¢ per mile - Effective 1/1/2019

Please direct your questions to either or the FAST/AP Help Line at (831) 459-4488.

You may also locate your representative directly. ​

​Post-Travel Forms

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