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Contract and Grant Training

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The Extramural Funds Office offers Contract and Grant funds specialized training for transfers of expenses and budgetary adjustments.


Contract and Grant Training Request Form


A 1 hour class for Users involved in the Transfer of Expenses and the Budgetary Adjustments for Contract & Grant Funds. This class covers the Journal Voucher process using Contract & Grant rule codes (XECG for Transfer of Expenses and XDCG for Budgetary Adjustments). Responsibility, documentation, conditions, and criteria for non-payroll cost transfers and budgetary adjustments for contracts and grants are included.

Training Objectives

With successful completion of this training, the trainee has demonstrated a thorough understanding of their responsibility and accountability for processing any expenditure or budgetary adjustments involving Contract and Grant funds while using the Banner Financial Information System (FIS) to prepare, approve and locate on-line journals. The course modules include:
  • Contract and Grant rule code definitions and related issues​
  • Inputting Contract and Grant data and text into the FIS Banner page FZAJVCD
  • Office of Record concepts, responsibilities, and accountability issues involving Contract and Grant funds

Course Prerequisites

Please confirm completion of the following prerequisites before enrolling in Contract & Grant training:
  • Prior completion of FIS TOE/JV Training for XECG access​
  • Prior completion of FIS TOF Training for XDCG access
  • Basic knowledge of accounting adjustments using paper Transfer of Expenses or Transer of Funds forms
  • Approval from employee's manager
​​​​​Direct all questions and communications to the EMF Training Team: (831) 459-4195 or