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National Gift Card Punch-out Catalog Disablement
The National Gift Card agency (NGC) was acquired by a company named Blackhawk Network (BHN). Procurement is in communication with BHN to establish a new contract, but unfortunately, negotiations are still ongoing. BHN will no longer be supporting the NGC punch-out catalog and the punch-out will no longer be available in CruzBuy after Thursday, February 15. We are continuing to work closely with BHN and hope to establish a new agreement and punch-out catalog soon. Any order placed before or by February 15 will be fulfilled.

Other Ways to Buy Business Related Gift Cards: Out of Pocket Reimbursement and/or Procard

  • Gift cards may be purchased out-of-pocket and then submitted for reimbursement on the Direct Payment form.
  • Due to the situation, Procard usage for gift card purchases will be allowed. Please keep the following in mind:
    • All policies/conditions around gift purchases will still apply to Procard usage including but not limited to spending limits, itemized receipts, and frequency limits.
    • All required documentation should be added during the Procard reconciliation process.
    • Procard purchases for gift cards may not work for all companies. Any issues with processing can be sent to

For more information on gift purchases including what is allowable and spending limits please review the Non-Employee Non-Cash Gifts Guide and Non-Cash Employee Award and Other Gifts Guide. Policy related questions and clarification can also be sent to

Any other Procurement questions or concerns can be sent to

Notice to Vendors: Fraudulent Purchase Order Email Activity
We want to alert you to an increase in email scams involving fraudulent purchase orders and requests for product quotations purporting to originate from UC Santa Cruz Buyers. While the university cannot prevent this illegal action, we actively work to inform our suppliers of this on-going activity. Common features of these supplier-targeted counterfeit UCSC orders include:
  • Invalid contact information, such as email addresses using deceptive extensions; e.g.,, or
  • The email message is poorly written, with misspellings and awkward sentence structure
  • Orders start with an e-mail inquiry asking for a quote for a small order followed by a subsequent request for a larger order
  • The order designates​ a Ship-To address that is not a UCSC facility or indicates the product will be picked up at the supplier’s premises
  • The message may include an attachment designed to look like a purchase order, and it may include a logo or other graphic, and in some cases, a signature
  • Please note that the university’s internet address is and it is not our practice to ask our suppliers to ship to addresses that are not UCSC campus facilities. It is also not our practice to place orders for merchandise that will be picked up at supplier premises
  • The request lists the address of UC Office of the President in Oakland, which is not a UCSC address
  • The request includes the title of Procurement Chancellor, which is a fictitious position
If you believe you have received a fraudulent order or quotation request, you may forward it to UCSC Procurement Services at to verify the communication’s legitimacy before responding.

​CruzBuy Contact

Mailing Address:
   Procurement and Supply Chain
   Univ of California Santa Cruz
   1156 High St
   Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Office Location:
   100 Enterprise Way
   Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Intercampus Mailstop:
   Procurement Services-CruzBuy


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Procurement and Supply Chain Services Contact List

Help line: (831) 459-2311, Option 4​​

​CruzBuy Objective

CruzBuy is UCSC's application for purchasing goods and services. It enables users to browse online catalogs or request items using an electronic form and initiate a purchase requisition based on the contents of a shopping cart. Completed requisitions are routed for review and upon approval sent to suppliers as a purchase order.

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