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Payroll Resources

The Payroll Office’s mission is to serve the University’s diverse customer base by providing accurate and timely compensation to all staff, faculty and student employees in an efficient manner, withholding all appropriate taxes on wages, filing payroll tax reports, deducting benefits and other authorized items from employee wages.
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Mailing Address:
   Payroll Operations
   Univ of California Santa Cruz
   1156 High St
   Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Office Location:
   100 Enterprise Way
   Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Intercampus Mailstop:

Help Line: 459-2488

Email Contacts:
   General help:
   Final Payment Notification:
   Pay Correction:

Locate your Payroll representative directly.


​Forms & Resources

Access - At Your Service Online (AYSO) Access - GLACIER (non-resident alien Tax Compliant System) General Info - UCNet Payroll Deadline Schedules & Calendars Payroll Direct Deposit University of California Accounting Manual Payroll Forms Additional Forms
Employee's Federal-State Withholding UC W-4/DE-4/DE-4 IRS Form 8233Exemption From Withholding on Compensation for Independent (and Certain Dependent) Personal Services of a Nonresident Alien Individual IRS Form 8233 Instructions IRS Form W-7Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number IRS Form W-7 Instructions IRS Form W-8BENCertificate of Foreign status of Beneficial Owner for US Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals) IRS Form W-8BEN Instructions Non-Resident Alien Employee's Federal-State Withholding_UC_W-4NR/DE-4 Personal Data Change UPAY 544 Tax Treaty Articles For Independent Personal Services UC W-4NR/DE-4/DE-4Non-Resident Alien Employee's Federal-State Withholding Allowance Certificate UPAY 830Payroll/Personnel Out of State Withholding UC W-8BENCertificate of Foreign Status for Federal Tax Withholding UPAY 585UC State Oath of Allegiance, Patent Policy, and Patent Acknowledgement

Payroll Announcements

Payroll Announcements Archive
2018 1042-S Forms and Glacier Tax Prep Software Now Available
The IRS 2018 Form 1042-S (Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding) is available in GLACIER for eligible nonresident aliens. This includes employees who claimed a tax treaty exemption, all nonresident alien scholarship and fellowship recipients and all other nonresident alien payees generally paid through the vendor system.

The International Student and Scholar Services and Accounting Office are pleased to announce that GLACIER Tax Prep (GTP) software has been licensed again this year for international students and scholars to assist in filing 2018 Federal income tax returns. This online system is a free service that will help nonresident aliens prepare the necessary Federal income tax forms and assist them in meeting the required April 15th IRS tax return filing deadline. Eligible foreign nationals have been sent notification via GLACIER regarding their GTP system access.
Electronic W-2s for 2018 Now Available
Digital copies of W-2s for tax year 2018 are now available through At Your Service Online. If you need assistance accessing your AYSO account please refer to these instructions.

Form 1095-C for health insurance coverage for tax year 2018 will be posted on AYSO by 3/31/2019.

For employees who did not opt out of paper delivery, printed W-2s and 1095-Cs should be mailed to permanent addresses postmarked by 1/31/2019.

Click here to find out how to save paper and opt out of receiving a paper W-2 next year.

You can find additional information about Earned Income Tax Credit eligibility here. Printed 1095-Cs will be mailed postmarked by 1/31/2019.

W-2s are required when filing both California State and Federal Tax returns. The filing deadline is April 15th.
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