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Procurement Resources

The following resources contain information about purchasing methods and procedures applicable to different commodity and supplier categories.
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Mailing Address:
   Procurement & Supply Chain Services
   Univ of California Santa Cruz
   1156 High St
   Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Office Location:
   100 Enterprise Way
   Scotts Valley, CA 95066

Intercampus Mailstop:
   Procurement Services

Phone: 459-2311, Option 4

Procurement Contacts


​Forms & Resources

Procurement Announcements

Procurement Announcements Archive
Notice to Vendors: Fraudulent Purchase Order Email Activity
We want to alert you to an email scam involving fraudulent purchase orders and requests for product quotations purporting to originate from UC Santa Cruz. While the university cannot prevent this illegal action, we are actively working to inform our suppliers of this on-going activity. Common features of these supplier-targeted counterfeit UCSC orders include:
  • The email message is poorly written, with misspellings and awkward sentence structure
  • Orders start with an e-mail inquiry asking for a quote for a small order followed by a subsequent request for a larger order
  • The order designates a Ship-To address that is not a UCSC facility or indicates the product will be picked up at the supplier’s premises
  • Invalid contact information, such as email addresses using deceptive extensions; e.g. or
  • The message may include an attachment designed to look like a purchase order, and it may include a logo or other graphic, and in some cases, a signature
  • Please note that the university’s internet address is and it is not our practice to ask our suppliers to ship to addresses that are not UCSC campus facilities. It is also not our practice to place orders for merchandise that will be picked up at supplier premises
  • The request lists the address of UC Office of the President in Oakland, which is not a UCSC address
  • The request includes the title of Procurement Chancellor, which is a fictitious position
If you believe you have received a fraudulent order or quotation request, you may forward it to UCSC Procurement Services at to verify the communication’s legitimacy before responding. You may also contact the Procurement Services department by telephone at: 831-459-2311.
Change to Payment of Article Publishing Fees
Effective immediately, article publishing fees, publication charges, and page charges can now be paid either via Direct Payment web form or Pro-Card. A CruzBuy requisition will no longer be an acceptable payment method​.​​​​​​
Change to requisition review requirements related to supplier usage of UC name, trademarks, and logos
Recent changes now require Business Contracts' review of certain supplier usage of UC name(s), trademark(s), and logo(s). A supplier may be using a UC name, trademark, or logo in the following situations:
  • The supplier will be designing a logo for the University.
  • The supplier will be using a UC name/trademark in advertisements, reports, or other information released to the public, or place the UC name, abbreviations, trade names and/or trademarks or any derivation thereof on any consumer goods, products, or services for sale or distribution to the public.
  • The supplier will be manufacturing or distributing any commercial products (e.g. clothing, pennants, drinking glasses, mugs, lighters) bearing the name or decorative seal of a campus.
If the supplier will be using a UC name, trademark or logo in any of the above situations, the requisition will require Business Contracts' review.

EXCEPTION: If you are simply buying goods and the supplier is not selling on their website, or hosting/distributing public facing material, the requisition will not require Business Contracts review unless review is needed for other contract related items ( e.g. non-compliant terms, Data Security, etc).

Please be aware of these changes to requistion review requirements, as it may result in longer processing times.​
Financial Affairs Response to COVID-19
During this unprecedented time, our entire UCSC community has been directly impacted by the magnitude of the global COVID-19 crisis. Many temporary adjustments have been, and continue to be, made to our financial policy and processes in order to accommodate our UCSC community and to help our campus navigate this difficult period.

For more information on the response and related resources, please visit our Financial Affairs Response to COVID-19 page.
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