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Temporary Staffing Guide

​The information in this guide is intended to help employees identify a temporary staffing agency, initiate a staffing request, and establish a payment vehicle for invoices. Listed below are resources and policies associated with receiving services from a temporary staffing agency.
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  • Before You Start

    Temporary workers may be used by campus departments for assignments expected to last six (6) months or less than 1,000 hours in a 12-month period, whichever will not exceed 1,000 hours.

    An initial temporary staffing request cannot exceed 6 months. For an existing temporary worker on assignment, if an extension past 6 months is needed, Staff HR must be notified for written approval (via email). If approval is granted the email is sent to the Supplier and should be attached to the change order requisition.

    Staff Human Resources provides guidance and monitors adherence to university/campus policies governing the utilization of temporary staffing services.

    Campus units are advised to review the SHR Temporary Staffing Services guide and consult their employee relations analyst with any questions before initiating a staffing request to a temporary staff agency.​​​​​​

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  • Process Summary

    After selecting a temporary staffing supplier:

    1. Submit the supplier's electronic Temporary Staffing Request & Proposal (TSRP).
    2. Supplier will email confirmation and work with requesting campus Unit to identify the most qualified candidate based on the competencies required for successful performance.
    3. When the temporary worker has been identified and required background checks have been performed and results obtained that meet UCSC requirements, the supplier will return the TSRP with additional detail regarding the staffing engagement.
    4. The requesting campus Unit will then create a purchase requisition using the CruzBuy Temporary Staffing Request Form and attach the TSRP to the requisition for required documentation.
    5. The temporary worker can begin the assignment when the CruzBuy purchase order is approved and required background check is complete.

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  • Overview and Supplier Selection

    Temporary staffing services are typically acquired from providers with which UC has an established systemwide agreement.

    UCSC's preferred temporary staffing suppliers (listed below) support a simplified ordering process, electronic invoicing and integration with CruzBuy.

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  • Santa Cruz Staffing

    Santa Cruz Staffing is a locally owned staffing agency in the Santa Cruz area. From Clerical Assistant to Sr. Accountant they can fill your staffing need with highly skilled, qualified and capable personnel.

    Please contact Gretchen Martinez, Sr. Account Manager, for UCSC at:

    SC Staffing Temporary Staffing Request & Proposal Form

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  • Manpower Group

    Manpower provides temporary workers for administrative, accounting, and light industrial positions.

    You can contact the Manpower Account Managers for UCSC at:


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  • Submit a Request to the Supplier

    To initiate a staffing request click the TSRP form below for the selected temporary staffing supplier, complete all data fields and submit.

    After the temporary worker is selected, the supplier will finalize the TSRP and return the form to the requesting UCSC department.

    The UCSC department's CruzBuy requester will then attach the TSRP to a CruzBuy requisition which then becomes part of the university's purchase order.

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  • Create a CruzBuy Requisition

    Submit a CruzBuy purchase requisition using the Temporary Staffing Request Form in CruzBuy

    The CruzBuy Temporary Staffing Request Form contains a field to enter the supplier’s TSRP order number and any associated attachments.

    Refer to the guide section on submitting a supplier request for information about obtaining a TSRP form if you do not have one.

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  • Time Card Administration and Payment

    Time Card approval by UCSC is done according to the supplier's procedures - typically an online system for approving hours worked.

    Instructions for the supplier's timekeeping system are emailed to the temporary worker supervisor with the TSRP form.

    The supplier will electronically submit temporary staffing invoices to FAST/Accounts Payable for payment following timecard approval by the UCSC department supervising the temporary staff.

    In the related CruzBuy purchase order using the Invoices tab the invoices can be and should be reviewed for accuracy.


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  • Policy Resources

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  • Where to get help

    Contact Procurement Services for any ordering or contract-related questions.

    Contact your Staff HR support team for any questions around recruitment and the use of temporary staffing services.​

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