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CruzBuy Account Management

The information in this guide provides assistance on how to access and use UCSC’s CruzBuy web-based procurement system to order goods and services.  CruzBuy interfaces with the Financial Information System (FIS Banner)  to create purchase orders and submit them to suppliers, electronically or via automated fax.

UCSC’s specific vendor list, as well as catalogs with strategically-sourced contract pricing negotiated by UCOP are available in CruzBuy. Please contact the CruzBuy Help line at 459-2311 or email with questions. ​​​​​

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  • Who needs an account?

    UCSC employees (including temporary staff) and current students who are involved in the process of procuring goods and services for University business purposes are eligible to obtain CruzBuy accounts:

    1. Requester: For those having authority to initiate order requests in CruzBuy
    2. Approver: For those having the authority to approve CruzBuy order requests (Note: students may not have approval authority in CruzBuy.)

    For more information, refer to the CruzBuy Reference Manual.

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  • Getting a CruzBuy account

    No formal training is required to obtain a CruzBuy user account. Follow these steps to get a CruzBuy Account:

    1. Obtain a UCSC Userid and Email Account if you do not already have a UCSC email account.
    2. Complete the CruzBuy Account Authorization Form and the Access to Information Statement.
    3. Obtain signature authorization from your direct supervisor and your CruzBuy Divisional Access Authorizer on the form, and follow any additional instructions required by your division.
      Note: Each division and/or unit has one or more staff with delegated authority to authorize creation or modification of CruzBuy accounts based on campus roll-up Organization Codes. The CruzBuy Access Authorizer for a division/unit must sign all CruzBuy Access Authorization forms for that division/unit.
    4. When your account is ready, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access CruzBuy.
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  • Modifying existing CruzBuy account access

    A new CruzBuy Account Authorization Form is required. Your business office can assist you with completing the form.

    You will be notified by email when your request has been processed. Most requests are processed within two business days after the request is received.

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  • Accessing CruzBuy

    Follow these steps to access CruzBuy:

    1. Go to the Cruzbuy Website
    2. Click on the CruzBuy banner or "Login" button
    3. Enter your CruzID Gold credentials
    4. Complete the MFA authentication process
    5. The CruzBuy home page will appear
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  • Terminating or deactivating an account

    Notify the FIS Office to close a CruzBuy account in the following situations:

    • Termination of UCSC employment.
    • Change to a new job function that no longer requires the use of CruzBuy.
    • Student has left the university.

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  • Special situations

    Student or Non-Employee Access
    There must be a business need for a non-UCSC employee or student to be given access to CruzBuy.
    Contact the FIS Office for specific instructions.

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  • Training information

    Information about CruzBuy training is available from the CruzBuy Training webpage.

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  • Where to get help

    Assistance is available for the following topics:

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