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Welcome to FIS Banner 9

What is Banner 9?
Banner 9 is an upgrade to UCSC’s Financial Information System (FIS).

Why upgrade?
At UCSC, we always want to stay current with our systems, and Banner 9 will provide many enhancements that will improve the experience for all users. But the primary reason for upgrading is because Ellucian (the Banner vendor) will end all support for current Banner version 8 as of January 2019. Ellucian is moving away from using Oracle forms, where all Banner 8 forms were built, to modern technologies. Banner 9 uses a newer technology platform to allow Banner 9 pages to be accessed directly through any browser.

As always, the FIS Office is here to help you through this transition. We know change can be difficult and frustrating. If you have questions or concerns, please send email to and we will assist you as quickly as we can.

New Features of Banner 9

No Java
Banner 9 eliminates the need to run Java (JRE) in the browser. So no more issues with Java version upgrades.

CruzID Gold
Banner 9 uses a new single sign-on application called Application Navigator. Because this uses CruzID Gold, there is no need to maintain a separate Banner password.

Resize Banner with Browser View Options Banner 9 runs within any browser, meaning the browser’s magnification tools can resize the Banner session.

Improved Searching
Banner 9 has more user-friendly searches for Page (previously Form names) names. Instead of the old menu format, you can enter part of the page name or description and a selection of items will appear in the menu to be chosen. Banner 9 also brings advanced Filter (previously Query) capabilities which function more like typical web search engines.)

What’s the Same in Banner 9

Form Names (aka Page Names) Are Not Changing
The seven-character form names you know and love remain unchanged. They are called Pages in Banner 9 (but we don’t mind if you still call them forms…)

Security Access Won’t Change
User security access will remain the same as it was in Banner 8. If you enter journal vouchers in Banner 8, you can enter journal vouchers in Banner 9. Approver in Banner 8? You will have the same approvals in Banner 9.

The Data Won’t Change
All of the data behind Banner 9 pages is the same as the data behind Banner 8 forms. The Banner 9 update ONLY updates the interface to the data, not the underlying tables, processes, or data.

Most Navigation Won’t Change Banner 9 retains much (but not all) of the keyboard navigation used in Banner 8. F9 brings up a list of values. F7 puts a page into query/filer mode. Ctrl-Q is still ‘Exit’. See the few significant changes in the ‘What’s Changed’ column, or see a comparison of Banner 8 and Banner 9 navigation.

Querying Won’t Change
FILTER is the new Query in Banner 9, however navigation remains the same:
  • - Enter Filter = F7
  • - Execute Filter = F8
  • - List of Values (LOV) = F9
In addition, Banner 9 offers Advanced Filtering, which allows use of detailed search criteria, including date ranges, “Contains…” criteria, “Starts with…” criteria, etc. More information about Filtering.

What’s Changed in Banner 9

Some Navigation has changed:

Yes, this is the BIG change, but we are confident it will become second nature (eventually…)

- Open Related Menu – Alt+Shift+R – to view Document Text and other menu items
- Open Tools Menu – Alt+Shift+T – to view Export and other tool items

START OVER is the new Clear Form Rollback
Use the Start Over button or the F5 key to clear a page you are using.

Some Processes have changed:

EXPORT is the new Data Extract/No Key
Extract Data No Key is now Export (F1 key or Tools > Export)
Export is much faster in Banner 9, with no need to rename the gokoutd.csv file from Banner 8

INFOVIEW REPORTS are replacing Banner Oracle Reports
Oracle Corp has deprecated the engine that creates Oracle Reports (which open as a PDF in a browser tab, e.g. FZRPOEL). FIS has worked with Data Management to transform these reports from Oracle Reports in FIS to Data Warehouse Corporate Reports run through Infoview. More information about affected reports and Infoview access.

DATABASE EXPORT process revised
‘Printing’ Journal Vouchers and certain other reports to the desktop still works, but the Database Export process has slightly changed.

DATE DISPLAY has changed
- Banner 8 date display is DD-MON-YYYY e.g. 15-OCT-2018.
- Banner 9 display is MM/DD/YYYY e.g. 10/15/2018.

DATE SHORTCUT has changed
- In Banner 8, a specific date was entered by typing 4 digits, e.g. 1015, which displayed as 15-OCT-2018.
- In Banner 9, type 6 digits, e.g. 101018, which will display as 10/10/2018.

To use multiple sessions in Banner 9, each session must be open in a separate browser. For instance, on the PC, only one session can be open in Chrome and another in Firefox. Alternately, one session in may be in Chrome and another in Chrome Incognito.

NOTIFICATIONS have changed
In Banner 8, notifications appeared either in Hint Text or as pop-up messages. Banner 9 displays notifications in the upper right corner of the page. More information about Notifications.

JOURNAL VOUCHER processing has changed
Overall JVs are processed in Banner 9 exactly how they are processed in Banner 8. There are slight differences in the journal voucher in one or two areas.

FOIAPPH-Document Approval History is temporarily not available in Banner 9. Please use FOIAPHT-Approval History instead

Useful Info for Banner 9

Browser Recommendations
We recommend Chrome for the PC and Chrome or Safari for the Mac. Users have reported significant performance issues with Firefox and IE, so please avoid these browsers until further notice.

Note: Banner 9 will also run on Chrome Incognito, and Safari Private Window.

Questions? Email

Clearing Cache
Because Banner 9 is browser-based, occasionally the browser cache will need to be cleared. More information about clearing browser cache.

Mac Keyboard
Banner 9 runs quite nicely on the Mac, but there are a few navigation differences between a Mac regular keyboard and the Mac laptop keyboard. More information about Mac keyboards.

My Banner
Favorite pages that were added to the Banner 8 'My Banner' folder will be available in Banner 9. Favorites that were added as ‘My Links’ in Banner 8 did not migrate to Banner 9. Instructions on adding favorite pages to ‘My Banner’ in Banner 9.

CruzID Gold Because Banner 9 uses Single-Sign-On, a CruzID Gold ID and password is required to log in. Contact ITS Support if you need assistance with CruzID Gold.

EXPORT Date Format is Different
The date format in Banner 9 EXPORT documents is currently DD/MM/YYYY (e.g. 25/12/2018) instead of MM/DD/YYYY (12/25/2018). Ellucian (the Banner vendor) is aware of this issue and has indicated it will be resolved in an upcoming release. In the meantime, please be aware of non-standard date formats in EXPORT documents. Contact FIS Support ( for more information about date formats, including how to convert them to standard date formats in Excel.

Banner 9 Extra Tidbits
Banner 9 brings some cool new navigation features worth taking a look at. We think they’ll help when reviewing data and moving about the Banner application. More information on Extra Tidbits.
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