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Basic Cash Control: Training Goals

What to Know
  • Our training goal is to increase every cash handler's knowledge and understanding of the associated risks and controls so that each of you (the cash handlers) are protected and kept above suspicion.
  • What you should get out of this training:
    • An understanding of the UCSC cash handling process
    • An understanding of the key controls in the UCSC cash handling process
  • What the training will cover:
    • The various forms of Cash payments
    • A review of the three types of Cash Handlers as defined by BUS-49
    • A review of BUS-49 policy areas, and cash handling activities
    • General guidelines for Petty Cash and Change Fund custodians
    • Principles of good cash handling and their application in daily cashiering activities
    • A listing of UCSC resources available to assist in the review and evaluation of risks in cash handling activities
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