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Vendor Checks: Disbursement Guide

This guide provides information on how to handle a variety of situations involving a vendor check payment.

Some payment transactions require the enclosure of a form or other document with the payment check. In addition, a variety of complications may occur that require special handling of checks, including cancellation and reissuance. Please contact the FAST/AP Help line at 459-4488 with questions or locate your representative directly.​​​​

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  • Mailing an enclosure with a check

    Follow these steps to have an enclosure, such as a conference registration form, membership form, or subscription card, accompany a payment check to a vendor:

    1. Indicate that enclosure material is to accompany the payment in one of the following ways:
    2. Submit the enclosure material with the payment request form or with the appropriate reference to your FAST/AP Assistant at the “FAST/AP Office” mailstop.

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  • Check to be sent to a temporary address

    A check may be sent to a temporary address in the following situations:

    • A student expense reimbursement check needs to be mailed to a parent’s address because it is issued after the term ends.
    • A check needs to be distributed by a department or program.

    Perform the following steps to have a check sent to a temporary address:

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  • Requesting a check for pick-up

    A check may be held for pickup for one of the following reasons:

    • As a condition of a business contract, a performer must be paid immediately after a performance.
    • A traveler is leaving on a trip and a travel cash advance check is needed immediately.

    Perform the following steps to have a check held for pickup:

    1. Send an email message to your FAST/AP Assistant requesting that the check be held for pickup, providing the name of the individual picking up the check.
      • The request must be received by the FAST/AP Office at least two days prior to the system-assigned payment due date in order for the desired action to occur; otherwise the check will be mailed to the payee’s regular address.
      • For financial control purposes, the individual picking up the check must be someone other than the person who approved the payment.
    2. The check recipient must pick up the check within two days of the issue date; otherwise, it will be mailed to the payee’s address.
      • If the person authorized to pick up the check changes, promptly notify your FAST/AP Assistant of the change.
      • For financial control purposes, the individual picking up the check must present photo ID to verify his or her identity.

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  • Payment made to the wrong vendor

    Follow these steps if a payment has been made to the wrong vendor:

    1. Submit a Reissue Vendor Check form
    2. The Financial and Reporting (FAR) Office will determine if the check has been cashed
      • If the check has not been cashed, the FAR Office will place a stop payment on it, and a new check will be reissued to the correct vendor within five working days.
      • If the check has been cashed, promptly perform the following steps:

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  • Check returned by the US Postal Service

    The Accounting Office will notify the check requester of a check returned by the US Postal Service or other third-party as undeliverable.

    • The check requester has one month to provide a valid address to the Accounting Office.
    • The check will be cancelled if a valid address is not provided within one month.
    • Contact to update the email address on file
    • Requests require 2 weeks to process

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  • Check Handling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Here are some frequently-asked questions related to check handling:

    Q) What if a refund check is received after a credit memo is processed?

    • A) Deposit the refund check. Notify AP of receipt of the refund check. Cancel the outstanding credit memo using FAAINVD.

    Q) Who do I contact if a check is knowingly and fraudulently cashed by the wrong vendor?

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