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UCPath Payroll Employee Guide

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  • Requesting Employment Records

    How to submit a Records Request in UCPath:

    To request records, navigate to the Records and Data Request page within UCPath. Then follow these steps:

    1. Enter the desired Date Range of Record Requested.
    2. In the Type of Record section, select the Type of Request.
      • Note: A separate Records Request must be filed for each type of request.
    3. Provide a Reason for Request and in the Detail field, provide as much information as you can to support this request.

    A submission confirmation page will appear once the eForm has been completed and submitted. UCPath Center will mail the requested documents to the address provided on the Records and Data Request form.

    Note: Employees can still access earnings information up to 18 months prior to December 31, 2019 through AYSO.

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  • Current/Recent Employment Verification

    Verification of Current/Recent Employment (within 3 years of current date)

    For your convenience, the University of California (UC) provides a simple method for employment verification through The Work Number service.

    If you are applying for a loan, an apartment or job, your employment verifier (e.g. bank, leasing agent, or employer) must access your information through its website directly.

    The Work Number

    The Work Number is a third-party provider of employment and income verification. All verifiers (banks, employers or leasing agents) must access your information through its website.

    How to Provide Proof of Your Employment and Income

    Please provide your employment verifier the following information:
    • Inform them that UC uses The Work Number
    • Provide them the University of California Employer Code: 15975
    • Provide them your Social Security Number
    In some instances, you may also need to create a "Salary Key" in order to complete an income verification. If your employment verifier requests a salary key, please follow these steps:
    1. Log in to The Work Number as an employee
    2. Enter the following information:
      • UC Employer Code: 15975
      • User ID: Your Social Security Number
      • Personal PIN: Your birthday (MMDDYYYY)
    3. Select the "Create a Salary Key" option
    4. Provide your verifier the six-digit salary key

    Student Employment Verification

    Student employees wishing to have their employment verified should have their verifier fax the request directly to UCPATH at 855-982-2329 or call 855-982-7284. Student information is not listed on the Work Number. Students wishing to have their employment verified on the Work Number may OPT-IN by logging on UCPATH and navigating to:
    1. Employee Actions
    2. Personal Information
    3. Current Profile
    4. Verification
    5. Click the Student Opt In box
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  • Previous Employment Verification
    Verification of Previous Employment (2005 through 3 years prior to current date)
    • Complete the Previous Employment Verification Form
    • Turnaround time for the basic Previous Employment Verification is two weeks from receipt of the form.
    • The following information is supplied from a previous employment verification
      • Hire date
      • Separation date
      • Title
      • Historical gross earnings available upon special request

    Note: If historical gross earnings from 2005 through three years prior to current date is needed, indicate what years on the form.  Turnaround time for Previous Employment Verification with historical gross earnings request is three weeks from receipt of form.

    Please contact with any questions and records 2018 and prior.
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