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Events at UCSC

Are you a non-University individual or group interested in using a University facility for your event? Then you've come to the right place!

Application Form

General Facility Use Permit Application

Hosting Events at UCSC


Step 1: Identify a University Sponsor
In order to hold an event on campus you will need a University Sponsor. A Sponsor is a unit that accepts responsibility for planning, organization, execution, and expenditure of funds for an event.

Step 2: Choose your Event Location
Work with your Sponsor to identify a location on campus for your event. Coordinate with the Facility Manager to reserve your date.

Step 3: Submit the Facility Use Application
Download the General Facility Use Permit Application, then fill out the Application completely, but do not sign it yet. The form will be sent through DocuSign (to the email address you provide in the application) for signature. Send the completed form to to be processed.

Step 4: Provide a Certificate of Insurance
You will need to provide proof of insurance for your event. The ​standard event insurance requirements can be found here. All third-party vendors associated with the event will also need to provide proof of insurance, meeting the University's insurance requirements.

Step 5: Campus Concurrence
Real Estate & Contract Services (RECS) will send your completed application, and proof of insurance, to other campus services (risk management, parking, police, fire, grounds, etc.) for approval. Depending on the type of event planned, and if serving food, drinks, or alcohol, you may be assessed fees. All fees will be added to the permit before it is sent to you for final signature.

Step 6: Permit Issued
Once campus concurrence is finalized, RECS will send you the final permit for an electronic signature through DocuSign. Please print out or download the permit to have on hand, at the location, during your event.

Reach out to if you have any questions. We are here to help every step of the way.

Established Facilities for Private Events

Some campus facilities frequently lease space and have descriptions of their facilities as well as their procedures online:

Arrangements for parking should be made through the Transportation and Parking Services Office.​​​

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