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Financial Information System (FIS) Guide

The information provided in this guide will assist UCSC staff, faculty and temporary staff who are involved in processing, reviewing, and/or approving transactions associated with financial processes to obtain a Financial Information System (FIS) account. Please email with questions or locate your representative directly.​​​​​​​​​

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  • Who needs an account?

    Staff, faculty and temporary staff who are involved in processing, reviewing, and/or approving transactions associated with the following financial processes are eligible to obtain a Financial Information System (FIS) account:

    • Initiating and/or approving purchase orders
    • Processing vendor payments and employee expense reimbursements
    • Processing budget and financial ledger adjustments
    • Processing sponsored award transactions

    An employee may obtain one of the following types of FIS accounts:

    • Inquiry only (Query) user
    • Transaction preparer (Purchase order, invoice, journal entry, etc.)
    • Transaction approver

    For more information on account roles and responsibilities, please see the Separation of Duties guide.

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  • Getting an account

    You must have a UCSC e-mail account and complete a required training program to obtain a Financial Information System (FIS) account. Follow these steps to obtain an account:

    1. Complete a Financial Information Systems Access Form
      • Submit to: FIS Account Administration
      • Mailstop: Accounting Offices
      • Fax: 459-3601
    2. Obtain the appropriate Account Access Forms, from the ITS website; look under the "FIS Account" heading.
      • Account Form
        • If you are also requesting a UCSC e-mail account, use a CruzID Computer Account Form (PDF)
        • If you have a UCSC e-mail account, use a CruzID Account Modification Form
      • UCSC Campus Business Systems Supplemental (PDF)
      • Access to Information Statement (PDF)
      • Send the completed and signed forms via campus mail to the ITS Support Center, mail stop: ITS Support Center.
    3. Complete the forms and obtain all required approvals on each.
    4. Enroll in the required training program that is described on the FIS Training page.
    5. Once you have been notified by email that your FIS account and password have been created, go to the ITS Help Desk to obtain them.

    For assistance in completing the necessary account forms, or to inquire about FIS access for non-UCSC employees, please contact the FIS Office.

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  • Accessing the financial information system

    Follow these steps to access the Financial Information System (FIS):

    1. Access FIS at FIS Launch Page with any browser.
    2. Enter your CruzID Gold credentials. Questions? Email

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  • Training information

    Completion of training is required prior to obtaining an FIS account.

    Refer to the FIS Banner Training webpage for information about prerequisites, schedules, and curriculum.

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  • Terminating or deactivating an account

    Notify the FIS Office to close a Financial Information System (FIS) account in the following situations:

    • Termination of UCSC employment.
    • Change to a new job function that no longer requires the use of the FIS.

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  • Policy references

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  • Where to get help

    Assistance is available for the following topics:

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