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Entertainment Reporting Process Changes : July 2016

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CruzBuy Changes
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CruzBuy ERF Requirement

The Entertainment Reporting Form (ERF) is no longer required if all purchases for an event’s meals are made through CruzBuy orders, regardless of dollar amount, alcohol served or if there are multiple meals, vendors or requisitions associated with the event.

ERFs are required for any reimbursement or recharge transactions (except Catering Services Recharges done through CruzBuy). Note that individual units may decide to continue to require an ERF for all entertainment purchases. Check with your unit’s business office for any specific unit-based requirements. See the Meal Expense Tracking tab for information on reporting expenses when multiple transactions types (CruzBuy plus reimbursement/recharge) are involved.

New Entertainment Expense Addendum Form

A simplified Entertainment Reporting Addendum form has been created specifically for use with Pro-Card Student Programming food purchases, and Entertainment Expenses while on Travel. See the ERF/Other Changes tab for more information.

FY2015-16 ERF Breakdown by Payment Type
Approximately 4500 ERFs were submitted last fiscal year. The chart below depicts the percentage of each associated payment type. The changes being introduced now will eliminate the 20% of ERFs associated with PO payments. The next challenge will be developing a more streamlined approach for reimbursements.

Infographic A

Infographic B