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Accounting Operational Procedures During the COVID-19 Crisis

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, during this period of remote operations, UCSC Accounting has developed a series of new electronic document submission processes. Please review the information below and contact the relevant email group if you have any questions.

When submitting reimbursement documentation, please submit one consolidated information package for each reimbursement (do not combine multiple reimbursement transactions). To help with processing efficiency, the package should include the relevant reimbursement form (Direct Payment, Post Travel, ERF) followed by any email approval authorization attachments and required receipt documentation. Please also include a current non-campus address on each form. In all instances, retain all original paper documentation for possible submission to Accounting at a later date.

DocuSign Electronic Signature for Accounting Forms

For more information on submitting signed forms to Accounting directly from DocuSign, please see our DocuSign in Financial Affairs resource.

Note: The I-94 and CTE Card forms are presently not accepted through DocuSign. Please see below for instructions on submitting these forms to Accounting.

​Common Accounting Form Submission Information

Direct Payment and Payee Setup 204 forms
Our new Direct Payment web form and Payee Setup 204 PowerForm are now setup to leverage DocuSign for electronic signatures/authorizations, and automatic workflow routing.

Post Travel and ERF forms
Submit one package of documents (including required approvals and receipts) for each reimbursement to

I-94 forms
Presently Filelocker may be used to protect and transfer Personally Identifiable Information. In FileLocker, search for “ach204” in the USER ID search field to upload documents. Contact for assistance or questions.

Moving/Relocation Reimbursement form
Submit approved form and all receipt documentation to

Delegation of Authority form
Submit to

Special Check Handling form
Submit to

Corporate Travel and Entertainment Card (CTE) form
Submit approved form and all receipt documentation to

Travel Advance Request (TAR) form
Submit approved form and all receipt documentation to

ProCard statements
Please see the Submitting your Statement section of the Pro-Card Guide for more on using the preferred method for statement submission through DocuSign. You may also submit signed and scanned ProCard statements, along with all receipt documentation, to Retain all original paper documentation for submission to Accounting after the remote operating cycle ends.

Equipment EIMR and EQ920 forms
Submit approved documentation to

Accounting Mail Groups

Accounts Payable related inquiries and supplier invoice submission –

CTE Card related inquiries –

Entertainment Policy related inquiries –

Equipment Administration related inquiries –

Financial Policy related inquiries –

Moving Reimbursement related inquiries –

ProCard related inquires –

Travel Policy related inquiries –

​Travel Cash Advance Repayments and Travel Refunds

Travel cash advance repayments and travel refund checks should be sent to the following address:

UC Santa Cruz
Attn: Ed Moran – Accounting
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz,
CA 95064