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Catering Services Payment Guide

This guide provides general information about the process used to pay a vendor serving meals, food, and/or drinks at a UCSC-sponsored event or meeting.

The services of a caterer are procured through a UCSC purchase order. Information on how to do this is available from Procurement Services.​​​​

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  • Before you start

    Important information to know:

    • Special conditions: Be aware of the following special conditions applying to this type of transaction.
    • Advance payment: A caterer may require partial advance payment for large-scale UCSC functions. Refer to the appendices for more information on advance payments.
    • Avoid conflicts of interest: Refer to the appendices for information covering employee-vendor conflict of interest issues.
    • Tax information: Payments may only be made to recipients with a Social Security Number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Use IRS Form W-7 Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to apply for an ITIN number.
    • Payment: If this is the first time the recipient will be receiving a UCSC non-payroll payment, complete a Payee Setup 204 form.

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  • Ways to pay

    This type of expense is procured using CruzBuy or through a recharge from University Catering Services. For more information about CruzBuy and the purchase order process, see Procurement Resources.

    • A direct payment cannot be made to the vendor.
    • The Campus Purchasing Card cannot be used to procure this good or service.
    • Out-of-pocket payment for this type of good or service will not be reimbursed.

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  • Receipt and documentation requirements

    The original vendor invoice must be submitted in order for a payment to be made to the vendor.

    • Email the FAST/AP Office at authorizing payment when the original purchase order amount is exceeded by $100 to $499.99.
    • Submit a change order request through CruzBuy for payments of $500 or more over the original purchase order amount.

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  • Applicable sales and use tax information

    Important information to know.

    1. Sales tax is charged for the following items provided by an external catering service.
      • Hot food, including service charges whether or not served by the caterer
      • Cold food
      • Dishes, utensils, glasses, chairs, tables used in connection with the serving of meals or refreshments
      • Labor provided by the caterer or a subcontractor of the caterer
      • Mandatory tips and/or service charges; tips paid on a voluntary basis are not subject to sales tax.
    2. Catering services provided for a UCSC business meeting or employee event by University Catering Services is exempt from sales tax.

    Refer to the appendices for more information about sales and use tax.

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  • Common oversights

    Speed up getting a payment processed by avoiding these common oversights:

    • Forgetting to provide the recipient’s social security number or individual taxpayer identification number.
    • Forgetting to request a change order from the Purchasing Office when the amount to be paid will exceed the amount allowed on the Purchase Order.
    • Forgetting to submit a Payee Setup 204 form for a first-time reimbursement or payment recipient.

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  • UC Procedure Reference

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  • Where to get help

    More assistance is available:

    • Purchase order, change order, and Employee-Vendor Conflict of Interest Evaluation Form-related questions, email:
    • For all other questions, please contact the FAST/AP Help line at 459-4488 with questions or locate your representative directly.

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  • Relevent Appendices

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